Hi, this is just a repository with a few of my projects.

Software Rasterizer

This is a project I started for fun and ended up finishing as a project for my graphics course. (Implements a GPU rendering pipeline from scratch in software)

Features: rasterizer.zip
Graphics Presentation.pptx

Textmode VGA Card

Written in Verilog and runs on Atera Cyclone II FPGA.
Memory IO text buffer interface.
Supports bitmap characters and 16 colors.

Images have hardcoded text buffer since I did not have a CPU at the time.
I do not currently have access to the source code.

Minecraft Clone

A minecraft clone done for class.
Took about 13 hours
All artwork belongs to Mojang


N64 PS4 Remote

A project I did in high school that allows you to control an N64 using a wireless Dualshock 4 controller.
Its more of a proof of concept as it uses a computer as the receiver.

N64_Controller_Transmitter.zip arduino program that sends controller data to N64.
N64_Controller_Reciever.zip receives Dualshock HID input and relays to arduino.

Arduino Logic Analyzer

A logic analyzer I made to decode the N64 single wire controller protocol and test my implementation.


Midly Interesting

PyHP Web Server

A dynamic web server done in python for an open homework assignment in freshman intro to programming class.
Supports inline and multiline embedded python in html code that provides PHP like functionality.
For example: <h3>Directory listing of <?print(DIRECTORY)?></h3>


More to come when I stumble across old projects...